My house!

My house! With lots of boy toys around...two motorcycles, three boats, random power tools...good grief!

Believe it! It's a new picture of me! Not a great one either...

My housemate David, lounging around. Such a little poser for the camera!


Rainy days

Fact: The longest streak of rainy days ever had in Seattle numbered 33 and occured in 1953.
Fact: Seattle, as of 01.10.06 is on its 23rd day of measurable rainfall and is already 12 inches over the amount of rainfall at this time last year.
Fact: I love Seattle so far, but the sun came out for about 15 minutes two mornings ago and man, I've never been so happy to see it! I didn't realise it wasn't going to last, I would have stayed outside a few minutes longer!

*Brand new raincoat-- $38.00
*New tires on the truck for better grip-- $300.00
Feeling like a newly intitiated member of your new home city-- priceless

*These transactions have not yet actually occured, but they really should at some point in the near future. Of course, the priceless statement definitely applies. I mean, who wouldn't feel a part of the city that washes them clean every time they step out their front door.


And on it rolls...

The photos continue! The new camera has a panorama maker, so I used it to capture my room...I had to use it because my room is so small, there isn't a way to stand back and get it in one shot! I love it though. Its mine!

Tattoo is a beautiful thing!

Here it is! A couple of pics of the new one! Its on my right foot and ankle. And hurt like a...ooh...insert choice phrase here. So worth it though. Its absolutely beautiful. I'm steeling myself to go and get the rest filled in!

The pics are taken, by the way, with the new digital camera. Fun, but definitely just starting to figure it out!



OK, so I shouldn't even be awake at this point, but I just got some of these pics from my dad from the trip and wanted to put them up. Just a few, but I'll keep putting them up as Dad gets them to me.

Simply, this is me the first night...glazed over and pretty sick of driving, but excited to be getting started. This is at the BBQ restaurant in Memphis. Really, you can't go to Memphis and NOT eat BBQ. Its like getting peanut butter and going without the jelly. No, really, it is...

Me and Dad...both glazed over.

This is far too annoying to do in this structure. I'm posting to my flickr set.


And Exhaustion Sets in...


I've been working straight for over two weeks now. No days off. No breaks. Everyday at least one job, six days a week both the bakery and the theatre, and sometimes bakery in the morning then two shows in the afternoon and evening. Plus I've started rehearsals for my next show. Getting pretty tired.

And pretty homesick. Working like this has really got me missing the ease of finding one of you guys to hang with after a long day. Haven't got that here yet.

Happy holidays to all. Hope the season's treating you with an abundantly joyful abandon. Know how much I miss and care for you all.

Love- N


Opening Weekend

Wow. I've thought I was busy before, but this takes the cake. I've left SC exactly a month ago today. I can't believe it. It seems like forever ago. I miss everyone so much. But amazingly enough, I'm establishing myself fairly well. I've not only got a "day job" that I enjoy, but there is the distinct possibility of a full-time supervisory position within the next month! I'm working at A La Francaise Bakery in the University District of Seattle. So much fun!

I also opened my first show in Seattle on Friday night! Seattle Public theatre brought me in to SM their production of David Mamet's Boston Marriage in January. However, their SM for their holiday prodution of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever quit on them just after rehearsals began, so I agreed to step into that show immediatly upon getting here. BXPE is the show that opened, and not only has it been sold or nearly so for every performance so far, its projecting to sell nearly every performance! We're doing two performances a day every day up to Christmas Eve, with one on the Eve itself...oy. Quite a schedule.

Then I begin Boston Marriage rehearsals tomorrow night. And did I mention that on my day off from the bakery this week I am attending auditions for another company that I will probably be SMing for this summer. SO much going on. I'm having trouble keeping track.

Cool people here...not meeting people as quickly as I might like, but the people I'm finding are quality. Its been pretty amazing. But there's no one like my 3 am frisbee group, I'll tell you that!


Moved in!

Quick note: I'm moved in! We got most of my stuff over here to the house today and I started setting things up in my newly painted room!

And, again, amazing housemates. I'm so lucky!