When did we get so old?

So the weekend is over. Life returns to the hum-drum...except for the fact that on Saturday, my little brother turned 18. Now, let me explain--when I say "little" brother, that is in reference to age only. I have for the last year gotten a short complex everytime I return to the home of my father as I, at 5'7", am now significantly shorter than anyone else in my family. 5'7" is average, normal, usually I'm fine with it, but with my mom at 5'11", my dad at 6'1" and my brother now approaching 6'5", I feel like the shrimp that I've always known myself to be. Lets just say that its always nice to leave the land of the giants, though its always a blast while I see them. Of course, this weekend was special because not only do I feel short, but now I feel incredibly old! My brother starts college in the fall and I'm moving to Seattle and real jobs and life...fear will set in any second now. I know it!

Oy! Other than that, it was a pretty restful weekend. I was pretty much a homey bookworm. I had forgotten how nice a whole weekend completely sober could be!


Why is two in the morning so interesting?

So after a blissfully quiet and homey week, I finally headed out last night per my usual antics at Kelly's Kareoke. Of course, being broke, I stopped in at Trustus first and bartended for the SCGLBT preview of "Take Me Out." Vincent has done a pretty damn fine job with the actors he's had to scrape together. Kudos to him! The set was cool and very functional, but the lighting design is what took the cake for me. Chain link fence gobos are cool as *&(^! Loved them. Couple of things I didn't like so much, but overall it was a really interesting and appropriate design. Lighting in Trustus isn't exactly an easy thing, so MANY kudos to the chick LD! And thanks to SBB for the drunk texts. Thursdays in the vista always makes for a good time!

Oh, so, Kelly's. Right. So I get over there about 11:15 (huge previews = good tips and lots of cleanup) and don't even bother to put in anything to sing. I was tired, but I wanted to see my people! I'm really glad I went bc I found out that a friend of mine is moving this morning to MS! Got a great job offer but hopefully won't be gone long. Good luck my Noble friend! A couple of beers and some especially bad kareoke later, I headed home. The funny part of the evening is evidently I'm more popular at two in the morning than any other time. I forgot to unsilence my phone after the show and woke up to several calls and txts this morning. Lots of love to those late night monkeys!


Just a spoonful of sugar

So I'm talking to the Chesterfly last night and he proceeds to inform me that he is now very ill with some sort of head cold. He had just finished drinking half a bottle of Nyquil before he called me and was beginning to feel a bit woozy. So I'm thinking, "Great! A head cold is JUST what I needed." ick. I guess that's my payment for this weekend. We then had a great conversation about different medicines and their varied "effects" on the brain, including a lovely little suggestion from a certain frightened turtle friend of mine. Evidently, sudafed does quite the number on the head if the stomach is left empty. Haven't tried it myself, but I'm certain that i'll have a report from the fly on it very soon. Personally, I'll stick to the alcohol.


Friends in high places

Once again this weekend I abandoned my capitol town and headed to the beautiful heights. This time I didn't head into Asheville, but instead stopped short in the sleepy town of Flat Rock. Why here you may ask? An ex-professor and good friend of mine is working summer stock at Flat Rock Playhouse over summer vacation from the university. He's a simple carpenter...and is absolutely loving it. He joked that everyone's job was his vacation. He's used to being a little ball of stress all year as TD for university theatre--I've never seen the man so relaxed or so happy. We're kindred spirits as far as the mountains are concerned, so he's in heaven living there for the summer. And I'm jealous. But I may just have to crash again from time to time. Good to have friends in fun places!

I met tons of people around the Rock and I give them this: I have never walked into a group of theatre people and felt as welcome as I did there. I'm used to the cliquish nature of the insecure folk that we are, yet somehow these seemed to have abandoned that. It makes me very excited to be moving to Seattle. I can only hope that I find the same sort of attitude there!

Chesterfly and I caught up on old times and had a ton of laughs. Carl Sandburg's home is right across the street from the playhouse, so after sleeping in and taking in some of the mountain air, we headed over to see the home of the poet and songwriter, his family, and his wife's prize-winning goats. Yes I said goats. For some reason Mrs. Sandburg, seeing her husband occupied a great deal of the time with his work, decided to raise milking goats. She ended up breeding some of the most productive milking goats in the world and is still much renowned for it in high society goat circles. It all sounds very elite, however I think I'll keep a fence between the goats and me from now on. While goat cheese is very tasty, I'm just not a farm kind of girl.

We went to see 1776 that night at the playhouse. Comp tickets are the bomb! Gotta love free stuff. 1776 is only my favourite musical, so it was very cool to finally see a live production. I've got the movie version memorised (which is very good if you're interested--Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson and William Daniels as John Adams) but had never seen it in production. Kudos to the playhouse! Chesterly kept throwing me looks as I mouthed the lines and sung the songs...yes I'm a theatre geek. Mea Culpa!

It was very depressing to have to come home after such a great weekend, but I left in high spirits. Maybe this Appalachian Mountain high will stick around for a while...or at least until I can get back up to see the next production! AM got home last night from a week in Colorado with her parents...both of us were too tired to hang out. Sad. But tonight should be quite the time of stories!


Mullets: The "Why the hell do those things still exist" frontier

Here it is! An informative guide to mullets, their numerous subspecies, and any and all factors relating to their unfortunate reproductive qualities. Enlighten yourself so you can protect yourself and others from this encroacing horror!

R&R at its best!

I had a great weekend! Sometimes your weekends are just so-so, you really feel like you should be making more of them...blah, blah, blah. No. Not this time. Friday afternoon I headed to one of the more relaxing places on earth- Asheville, NC. Checked into my hotel and it was out on the town with a native Ashvillian. We caught a reading at an idependent bookshop, then found a gallery opening to some pretty strange and interesting art just walking down the street. We stopped in at the weekly drum circle, which was absolutely amazing! Asheville's always fun for cool shops and stuff, but the street musicians were out in force, and the night was much too beautiful to waste inside. After waltzing the city for about four hours, we finally stumbled into Zambra, this amazing tapas place hidden off a side street downtown. Two hours of conversation, some of the best tapas and wine I've had in a long time later, we finally called it a night.

Of course, we were at again the next morning. The weather held out for us and Chimney rock was calling. We climbed to the summit and then took one of the trails to the Hickory Nut falls. The falls were beautiful and there was a great breeze coming through the ravine that misted we weary travelers with the falls...talk about relaxing. After some great views, we headed back towards civilization. We lazed around Biltmore village for a bit, appreciating the history much more than the shops (most were closed anyhow :) and finally ended the day with a visit to the movies. I must say, Cinderella Man was much better than I was expecting it to be. I hate sports movies most of the time. After this one, I may just have to get into boxing!

Unfortunately I had to head back to the big city after my long day, but a restful day of friends and down time sunday was just what the doctor ordered. Though I still can't seem to shake this cough...

Peace of spirit is worth a lot!


Some little things...

The mountains are my haven. Any mountain range is beautiful and a place of peace to me. I like feeling hidden and I don't know any better way to find that than to disappear down a trail. Driving from here to the Pisgah national forest in NC below Asheville, you take I-26 most of the way. There is a section just after Spartanburg where you emerge into the first of the foothills--it takes my breath away every time. I immediately relax into the scenery, the air...the openness and vastness of it all. I'm originally from Utah. I took a friend out there with me once and he hated it because he was used to green mountains, which they are not. They are fairly stark, but that's where their beauty lies. Unlike the mountains here, in Utah they jut up out of the flat plains lands at random. Its so beautiful at sunset, to watch the shadow of the entire range creep across the vast valley. Being able to watch that movement is amazing to me.

Other small joys: I like identifying small moments that are just pleasant and comfortable. Taking a shower before going to bed, then slipping into clean sheets is one of the best feelings I know of. Its clean and pure. There isn't anything to restrict you in that moment.

The first moment that you walk out of work after a long day into the fresh air.

Standing in the middle of a deserted field, or any large open space, and being completely alone.

A morning where you wake up and the first thing you want to do is smile.

Enjoying a really good bottle of reisling and feeling just a bit tipsy afterwards.

Getting friends birthday presents they love, even if they tell you not to get them anything.

Random things, but things that make life a little bit better and a little less mundane!


Rainy Days

Thunderstorms are complex. There are so many aspects to appreciate. I love the movement of the clouds--the way everything get's progressively darker until you'd swear you had jumped in time to the middle of the night. Its this swirling, disorienting feeling that makes it easy to dream. I like the juxtaposition of the lightning to the thunder--all the power is pent up in the lightning, but when it is finally released it is silent. Then the crack of the thunder follows--loud and ominous or slow and rolling--sounding like it should be able to power the world, but its empty. I like the sound of the rain on the roof and the glass, the wind darting in and out of the architecture, getting through the unseen cracks around the windows. Its the power in it that attracts me, and the individual aspects that make each storm a calming moment in life.

I also enjoy introspection. ;)


And the "sharpest tool in the shed" award narrowly misses...

Ok. Sunday night. Hanging out with AM and the crew and we were tired of the loud bar scene, so we leave Kelly's behind for the Saucer. As we suspected, no one in the joint and we had all the comfortable couches to ourselves. All rather sick of drinking but toting a serious case of the munchies, we snag a menu and peruse the usual fare. Our naughty school girl for the night introduces herself as Erica and we're off and running. Or so we thought. The kitchen was closed due to some kind of cleaning overhaul, however no one nursed their disappointment very long. Erica, as it turns out, was all the entertainment a group of our character needed. The first hint? AM and I are sick of alcohol...way too much over the course of the weekend...and so order a coke and diet coke respectively. The lovely Erica brings them to our table and stops, looking horribly confused. She finally looks at us, almost in tears, and says "I'm so sorry. I just don't know which one is diet!" Right. AM and I each grab one and disaster is averted on first taste. Then, as we try to order she continues her apology, saying "Oh! The kitchen is closed...they brought in some really loud machinery, I think some pressure wash thingys to clean up or something." Right. Pressure wash thingys. That is the technical term.

So, after the laughter had died away, we decide to let her talk as much as possible. AM, bereft of her dinner, calls for a shot and the normal indecisiveness ensues. Finally we decide on a lemon drop with strawberry vodka...except that Saucer doesn't carry this. Of course. Being evil as I am however, I decide to ask for it anyway. Erica returns and upon my inquiry after strawberry vodka responds "Yes...no....wait, um...maybe...I think we...oh...hang on." And runs away. To make a long, enjoyable evening short, the girl brought us a plate of sweet and low rather than sugar to coat our shot lemons and thoroughly entertained us for the rest of the night with phrases like "I just broke up with my boyfriend. He used to hold guns to my head. (Not funny, but we were rather thrown by that one)" and "I was going to USC, but I failed three out of my last four classes, so I don't know if I'm cut out to be a physical therapist." Please God let her be licensed before my next wreck. I can only imagine the hilarity that she would bring to a PT session!



So I actually did it. I went and got my first tattoo yesterday at 6:00 pm. It was so much easier and less painful than I assumed it would be. All in all a really good experience. I had previously met the artist and his girlfriend, and when I showed up at their house, she gave me a tour and I played with their three year old while Jay (the artist) drew up the stencil. After that, the stencil applied and dried, we were off to the races. It felt like a really bad scrape, and because it is on the inside of my right wrist, it was progressively more painful the higher up the arm he went. You never use that skin, you know? Its solid black. I'll post pics as soon as I can get my hands on a digital camera!

After it was finished, I headed home, painted myself up, slipped into my fabulous new summer dress, and headed out to Kelly's. Thursday means Kareoke and this was certainly not going to be an exception. There was an unveiling at 10:45 when the bandage came off, and all agreed that the tattoo was very appropriate and well-chosen...whatever that means for a tattoo. My beautiful roommate still couldn't believe that I actually got it done, but she admired it from a distance! ;) All had a great crazy time as always, drank a bit too much as always, and sang and danced like it was 1999!


God Bless the Samoans!

I know I've already posted once today, but I'm so excited! I'm finally getting the tattoo that I've been talking about getting for years tomorrow! At 6:00 PM I go under the needle. It shouldn't take long, it's fairly small. I'll probably get it done on the inside of my wrist. For the curious, the link will show you what I'm having done. The name is strange but you'll understand once you read the description!


The first post! Here goes nothing.

The White Devil of the Mid-US, otherwise known as Oklahoma, finally closed on Saturday night. A cast party and all the normal hijinks ensued and then was followed by a fabulous weekend in Aiken. My brother graduated from HS on saturday (what!) and some family was in town so I came down again on Sunday to hang with them. Of course, I couldn't miss my Kareoke group, so I met up with them at the Junction (ick, I know, but its not so bad on Sunday nights!) and sung the night away. Brad King was back in town and I got to see Kelly, Tom, and Sheldon. Everyone looks amazing, and hopefully I'll make it back down there soon on a wednesday and catch the rest of the crew. Monday was spent lazing around at Tom's house, eating way too much food and once again, singing into the night. Let's just say that this girl got home from work yesterday and fell asleep at 6:00. Twelve hours later, I'm ready to face the world again!