The first post! Here goes nothing.

The White Devil of the Mid-US, otherwise known as Oklahoma, finally closed on Saturday night. A cast party and all the normal hijinks ensued and then was followed by a fabulous weekend in Aiken. My brother graduated from HS on saturday (what!) and some family was in town so I came down again on Sunday to hang with them. Of course, I couldn't miss my Kareoke group, so I met up with them at the Junction (ick, I know, but its not so bad on Sunday nights!) and sung the night away. Brad King was back in town and I got to see Kelly, Tom, and Sheldon. Everyone looks amazing, and hopefully I'll make it back down there soon on a wednesday and catch the rest of the crew. Monday was spent lazing around at Tom's house, eating way too much food and once again, singing into the night. Let's just say that this girl got home from work yesterday and fell asleep at 6:00. Twelve hours later, I'm ready to face the world again!


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