Friends in high places

Once again this weekend I abandoned my capitol town and headed to the beautiful heights. This time I didn't head into Asheville, but instead stopped short in the sleepy town of Flat Rock. Why here you may ask? An ex-professor and good friend of mine is working summer stock at Flat Rock Playhouse over summer vacation from the university. He's a simple carpenter...and is absolutely loving it. He joked that everyone's job was his vacation. He's used to being a little ball of stress all year as TD for university theatre--I've never seen the man so relaxed or so happy. We're kindred spirits as far as the mountains are concerned, so he's in heaven living there for the summer. And I'm jealous. But I may just have to crash again from time to time. Good to have friends in fun places!

I met tons of people around the Rock and I give them this: I have never walked into a group of theatre people and felt as welcome as I did there. I'm used to the cliquish nature of the insecure folk that we are, yet somehow these seemed to have abandoned that. It makes me very excited to be moving to Seattle. I can only hope that I find the same sort of attitude there!

Chesterfly and I caught up on old times and had a ton of laughs. Carl Sandburg's home is right across the street from the playhouse, so after sleeping in and taking in some of the mountain air, we headed over to see the home of the poet and songwriter, his family, and his wife's prize-winning goats. Yes I said goats. For some reason Mrs. Sandburg, seeing her husband occupied a great deal of the time with his work, decided to raise milking goats. She ended up breeding some of the most productive milking goats in the world and is still much renowned for it in high society goat circles. It all sounds very elite, however I think I'll keep a fence between the goats and me from now on. While goat cheese is very tasty, I'm just not a farm kind of girl.

We went to see 1776 that night at the playhouse. Comp tickets are the bomb! Gotta love free stuff. 1776 is only my favourite musical, so it was very cool to finally see a live production. I've got the movie version memorised (which is very good if you're interested--Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson and William Daniels as John Adams) but had never seen it in production. Kudos to the playhouse! Chesterly kept throwing me looks as I mouthed the lines and sung the songs...yes I'm a theatre geek. Mea Culpa!

It was very depressing to have to come home after such a great weekend, but I left in high spirits. Maybe this Appalachian Mountain high will stick around for a while...or at least until I can get back up to see the next production! AM got home last night from a week in Colorado with her parents...both of us were too tired to hang out. Sad. But tonight should be quite the time of stories!


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