Rainy Days

Thunderstorms are complex. There are so many aspects to appreciate. I love the movement of the clouds--the way everything get's progressively darker until you'd swear you had jumped in time to the middle of the night. Its this swirling, disorienting feeling that makes it easy to dream. I like the juxtaposition of the lightning to the thunder--all the power is pent up in the lightning, but when it is finally released it is silent. Then the crack of the thunder follows--loud and ominous or slow and rolling--sounding like it should be able to power the world, but its empty. I like the sound of the rain on the roof and the glass, the wind darting in and out of the architecture, getting through the unseen cracks around the windows. Its the power in it that attracts me, and the individual aspects that make each storm a calming moment in life.

I also enjoy introspection. ;)


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