R&R at its best!

I had a great weekend! Sometimes your weekends are just so-so, you really feel like you should be making more of them...blah, blah, blah. No. Not this time. Friday afternoon I headed to one of the more relaxing places on earth- Asheville, NC. Checked into my hotel and it was out on the town with a native Ashvillian. We caught a reading at an idependent bookshop, then found a gallery opening to some pretty strange and interesting art just walking down the street. We stopped in at the weekly drum circle, which was absolutely amazing! Asheville's always fun for cool shops and stuff, but the street musicians were out in force, and the night was much too beautiful to waste inside. After waltzing the city for about four hours, we finally stumbled into Zambra, this amazing tapas place hidden off a side street downtown. Two hours of conversation, some of the best tapas and wine I've had in a long time later, we finally called it a night.

Of course, we were at again the next morning. The weather held out for us and Chimney rock was calling. We climbed to the summit and then took one of the trails to the Hickory Nut falls. The falls were beautiful and there was a great breeze coming through the ravine that misted we weary travelers with the falls...talk about relaxing. After some great views, we headed back towards civilization. We lazed around Biltmore village for a bit, appreciating the history much more than the shops (most were closed anyhow :) and finally ended the day with a visit to the movies. I must say, Cinderella Man was much better than I was expecting it to be. I hate sports movies most of the time. After this one, I may just have to get into boxing!

Unfortunately I had to head back to the big city after my long day, but a restful day of friends and down time sunday was just what the doctor ordered. Though I still can't seem to shake this cough...

Peace of spirit is worth a lot!


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