Some little things...

The mountains are my haven. Any mountain range is beautiful and a place of peace to me. I like feeling hidden and I don't know any better way to find that than to disappear down a trail. Driving from here to the Pisgah national forest in NC below Asheville, you take I-26 most of the way. There is a section just after Spartanburg where you emerge into the first of the foothills--it takes my breath away every time. I immediately relax into the scenery, the air...the openness and vastness of it all. I'm originally from Utah. I took a friend out there with me once and he hated it because he was used to green mountains, which they are not. They are fairly stark, but that's where their beauty lies. Unlike the mountains here, in Utah they jut up out of the flat plains lands at random. Its so beautiful at sunset, to watch the shadow of the entire range creep across the vast valley. Being able to watch that movement is amazing to me.

Other small joys: I like identifying small moments that are just pleasant and comfortable. Taking a shower before going to bed, then slipping into clean sheets is one of the best feelings I know of. Its clean and pure. There isn't anything to restrict you in that moment.

The first moment that you walk out of work after a long day into the fresh air.

Standing in the middle of a deserted field, or any large open space, and being completely alone.

A morning where you wake up and the first thing you want to do is smile.

Enjoying a really good bottle of reisling and feeling just a bit tipsy afterwards.

Getting friends birthday presents they love, even if they tell you not to get them anything.

Random things, but things that make life a little bit better and a little less mundane!


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