When did we get so old?

So the weekend is over. Life returns to the hum-drum...except for the fact that on Saturday, my little brother turned 18. Now, let me explain--when I say "little" brother, that is in reference to age only. I have for the last year gotten a short complex everytime I return to the home of my father as I, at 5'7", am now significantly shorter than anyone else in my family. 5'7" is average, normal, usually I'm fine with it, but with my mom at 5'11", my dad at 6'1" and my brother now approaching 6'5", I feel like the shrimp that I've always known myself to be. Lets just say that its always nice to leave the land of the giants, though its always a blast while I see them. Of course, this weekend was special because not only do I feel short, but now I feel incredibly old! My brother starts college in the fall and I'm moving to Seattle and real jobs and life...fear will set in any second now. I know it!

Oy! Other than that, it was a pretty restful weekend. I was pretty much a homey bookworm. I had forgotten how nice a whole weekend completely sober could be!


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