Why is two in the morning so interesting?

So after a blissfully quiet and homey week, I finally headed out last night per my usual antics at Kelly's Kareoke. Of course, being broke, I stopped in at Trustus first and bartended for the SCGLBT preview of "Take Me Out." Vincent has done a pretty damn fine job with the actors he's had to scrape together. Kudos to him! The set was cool and very functional, but the lighting design is what took the cake for me. Chain link fence gobos are cool as *&(^! Loved them. Couple of things I didn't like so much, but overall it was a really interesting and appropriate design. Lighting in Trustus isn't exactly an easy thing, so MANY kudos to the chick LD! And thanks to SBB for the drunk texts. Thursdays in the vista always makes for a good time!

Oh, so, Kelly's. Right. So I get over there about 11:15 (huge previews = good tips and lots of cleanup) and don't even bother to put in anything to sing. I was tired, but I wanted to see my people! I'm really glad I went bc I found out that a friend of mine is moving this morning to MS! Got a great job offer but hopefully won't be gone long. Good luck my Noble friend! A couple of beers and some especially bad kareoke later, I headed home. The funny part of the evening is evidently I'm more popular at two in the morning than any other time. I forgot to unsilence my phone after the show and woke up to several calls and txts this morning. Lots of love to those late night monkeys!


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