Ah, Progress!

Problems are the price of progress. Don't bring me anything but trouble. Good news weakens me.
Charles F. Kettering

I don't know that I completely agree with the above quote, but I do know that problems can certainly force progress. Fortunately, Holy Ghost seems to be relatively free of those so far. Honestly, I'm amazed at how well everything is working.

The cast seems to love one another. I thought "MASTER HAROLD" was low drama--this is even better. No one dating, no one fighting, just lots of drinking and some REALLY late nights at the theatre. Hey, its all in fun!

I'm really enjoying working with all of the actors on this show, especially Dylan and Alex. Alex has this fun quirky nature that he brings to Bergen that I don't know I would have envisioned on my own. Dylan is just so young and innocent, perfect for Cetnik, but he's also starting to take his time, make choices and have some fun. He's not nearly so nervous around us anymore and his future's lookin' great.


The Wonder of Different Browsers...

As if learning code isn't difficult enough, last night I was checking the Holy Ghost blog at Trustus before I headed home for the evening. Lo and behold, the text on the bio page that I had worked on most of the day was placed into very thin columns. Ok, I can handle this. So I check the code...everything's correct. Nothing was changed. What the hell?

Then it hits me--at Trustus I'm using IE, whereas at work and on the laptop, SBB has me firmly implanted in the Firefox universe. Get to work this morning and sure enough, all is fine on firefox but thin little columns on IE. Using my newly absorbed knowledge, I begin adjusting the code for the table width. Several guesses later, the firefox and IE pages look nearly identical.

So here's the question. Why doesn't the code force the table on the firefox page into the same proportion as the IE page? The table was set at 33% of the page--the firefox view definitely did not have it at 33%. What's the point of learning to write code if it doesn't work universally?


So many new things!

Wow, you guys, I don't know where to begin.

The last few days have been all about learning both new advertising ideas (well, new to me and new in reality) AND more about technology than I thought possible for my little brain. I have been nonstop for the last few days working on the production blog for Holy Ghost. Lloyd is teaching me about statcounters and tags and other blogging devices that i'm still pretty slow on as I am just launching into this, SBB got me into the world of FTP, site admin, and all things wordpress, and today I've been learning more about RSS feeds.

I came in this morning to an email from Lloyd about a site he found that looks a lot like what we're trying to do. Rather than a production diary for one show, its an ongoing production diary for the theatre company he's involved with in LA called the Son of Semele Ensemble. Its a great site and I'm hoping that we'll get the same type of participation from our group that he seems to be getting from his.

The link to the production diary is at the right but here it is as well.

Some other cool links that I thought people might find interesting:

Threadless: cool, quirky t-shirt eshop
Prophecy Boy Blog: SOSE admin Adam's personal blog
Live 8 site: individual performance browsing...All U2, all the time :)
Seth Godin's Blog: a spin on the marketing world--personal and random--lots of fun


Blogging a blog

So today has been an adventure...to say the least.

Lloyd, my new friend from London, and I have been comtemplating what effect a promotional blog might have on ticket sales. We decided to set up a production journal type blog for Holy Ghost, where people from every aspect of the production can post entries and anyone can check the site, follow the show, and comment on progress.

I love this idea, and think it could really do pretty well. Its fairly experimental--Lloyd did some precursory searching and couldn't find anything really like it, so off we go.

Now I've drawn another friend into the web--let's just call him Sir Belt Buckle, or SBB for short. SBB is a computer whiz and has been lovely enough to host our Holy Ghost site through one of his. I was attempting to set up a blog through blogsome.com through which I was introduced to wordpress. I fell in love with wordpress, but for some reason the blogsome.com people don't allow you to utilize a lot of the options, which makes it pretty confusing. Its also not highly flexible. I knew SBB uses wordpress bc he has a great blog of his own, and so I bugged him with questions until I finally gave up on the blogsome.com site, having realised it just wasn't going to work.

I then looked at blogger.com for a bit, but SBB being the dear that he is, offered to let me host through his site. This way, I'll have a good deal of flexibility and should be able to tailor the site to the specifications I need for the promotional site for Holy Ghost.

If any of you dears out there have suggestions, feel free to comment. The site address will be http://holyghost.frightened-turtle.com/. There's nothing really there at the moment, but hopefully I'll be working on it over the next few days.


And the race begins

Wow. So I'm thinking about my life over the next few months and have decided that if I don't go absolutely nuts its going to be the best time of my life. Two shows, possibly directing a reading, moving twice with the second resulting in the probable jump starting of my career. I can't express how unbelievably excited I am. Overwhelmed, but excited. And a little scared...but fear is healthy in small doses.

Although, as I think about it, I'm realising how many people I'm not going to see for a very long time, and some quite possibly not again. Columbia has been so great for me and I'm really going to miss *most of the people I've met here. I've made some amazing friends. People from Aiken too...at least I could still visit as long as I lived here. Its going to be such a huge change. But Cola seems to draw people back into its web. Who knows? Maybe all the cool people really do end up back here?

*You never really miss everyone...there's always that really strange guy from that one bar...


ADD is a load of crap.

When does lack of focus become self-propagating? I've been exploring a blog called gapingvoid.com and it has caused me to start rethinking a lot of my current lifestyle and the ways that I am going about achieving the goals that I have tentatively set for myself. No, this is not a mindblowing, give-you-the-answers-to-the-universe site, its just an english artist being very straight about what he's learned about curviving one's personal creativity. The one simple thing that continues to resonate with me is his unwavering dedication. What he says is good, but what he does is better. He talks about working for years on the simple drawings that are his medium--he does them on the back of business cards. He speaks to the duality required of the creative spirit in a world where money is necessary no matter how much you want your passion (which doesn't have to be any form of art) to be your life.

Anyhow, all of this got me thinking, "What have I been doing?" Yes, I'm finally making a move. Seattle is becoming more of a surity every day. I'm following my dream. I'm taking the initiative to seek out the work, the place where my creativity may afford me a living wage. Yes, I've been resume building since my move to Columbia. That's what I moved here to do, so I have acheived my goal, right? But what I'm uncovering in myself is that one reason I haven't been terribly happy is that while I've been gaining ground on my main goal, and keeping pretty busy doing so, I've let go almost completely the overall dedication that I had to my art, a dedication that I held fast less than a year ago. Had you asked me then if I would ever be so lacksidaisical toward my reading of scripts, or my research of direction, or of graduate school possibilities, I would have laughed outright. These were sacred dealings for me, dealings that had stayed with me through adolesence, through the loss of my voice, through death, through marriage and through divorce. The hope I hold on to in this moment is this--In my realisation that I have allowed these things to diminish, I also realise that they were not lost but that my focus on a personal heirarchy of priorities has been not scattered but rearranged by a search for comfort and security birthed out of an eight months largely devoid of either.

What I now seek to find is how to restore this heirarchy. I understand that I am not who I was a year ago and so my heirarchy may not be acheived in the ways I had hoped at that time, however its levels can surely come back to their rightful places, perhaps with a bit of rearranging. I am scared to move to Seattle to pursue my career in stage management; I am petrified of the pursuit of direction as a whole. But the biggest fear is the realisation that to accomplish either of these things, I will be looking at a very lonely path. Gapingvoid.com related the notion this way, "Nobody can tell you if what you're doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile. The more compelling the path, the more lonely it is." I have let fear remove my motivation, allowed it to cloud the cogent nature of my goals with whisperings of solitary failure. And this cloud has resulted in a complete lack of focus, one that I have used as an excuse throughout my inner dialogue more and more. This excuse is parasitic, worming breaches through my resolve, brooking laziness and self-doubt. I won't bother to keep reading, I'm not really getting anything out of it. My focus is shot. Bull. Now that I've figured out just which horse I've fallen off of, I'm jumping bak on as fast as I can. And we're not talking a white-man jump here. I'm looking for a MJ vert that even Shaq would envy.