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So today has been an adventure...to say the least.

Lloyd, my new friend from London, and I have been comtemplating what effect a promotional blog might have on ticket sales. We decided to set up a production journal type blog for Holy Ghost, where people from every aspect of the production can post entries and anyone can check the site, follow the show, and comment on progress.

I love this idea, and think it could really do pretty well. Its fairly experimental--Lloyd did some precursory searching and couldn't find anything really like it, so off we go.

Now I've drawn another friend into the web--let's just call him Sir Belt Buckle, or SBB for short. SBB is a computer whiz and has been lovely enough to host our Holy Ghost site through one of his. I was attempting to set up a blog through blogsome.com through which I was introduced to wordpress. I fell in love with wordpress, but for some reason the blogsome.com people don't allow you to utilize a lot of the options, which makes it pretty confusing. Its also not highly flexible. I knew SBB uses wordpress bc he has a great blog of his own, and so I bugged him with questions until I finally gave up on the blogsome.com site, having realised it just wasn't going to work.

I then looked at blogger.com for a bit, but SBB being the dear that he is, offered to let me host through his site. This way, I'll have a good deal of flexibility and should be able to tailor the site to the specifications I need for the promotional site for Holy Ghost.

If any of you dears out there have suggestions, feel free to comment. The site address will be http://holyghost.frightened-turtle.com/. There's nothing really there at the moment, but hopefully I'll be working on it over the next few days.


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