Attention Hitchcock Buffs!

Good morning! Forgive yesterday's post--it was a bit more raw than I'm usually going for. Much better in the new light!

I just ran across this interesting time-waster--Basic Hip Digital Oddio (a fun site in its own rite) has a link to "Vertigo" Then and Now: Before and After Images of Various San Francisco Locations used in Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 Masterpiece. The times they are a-changin'! Thanks to Boing Boing for the link.

Slow night last night. Happy Birthday to the great Matt G. who yesterday, in a hosed haze, turned 26. Congrats, my friend! Its been the week of birthdays. Matt G., Ben C., that dude whose name I really don't remember (Kelly's is loud, come on!) and myself. Good times to be sure!


I'm glad no one reads this on a regular basis

So the birthday weekend is over. I had a great time until i realised that I wasn't really having a good time at all.

All I want is a clear mind once in a while. I tell my friends not to think so much because I know it depresses them. I really wish just one of them would say that to me.

Opening went really well. I think the reviews will be great in The State and so-so in the Free Times. After the huge article in the State's weekend section though, tickets have been selling great. This show has been a godsend for most of us--i really hate to think that it will be over after this week. Mostly because I know I won't see most of the people involved with it again for possibly years.

Finished McCollough's 1776 on Saturday--on to Mein Kampf today.


Hear me roar!

There are so many ways I could apply that title at the moment, not the least of them being the very definite fact that I am a woman, however I will restrain from extemporizing AKA bitching at the present time.

I am in a horrible mood. I don't know why I feel the need to blog this, but I think i'm hoping it will be cathartic before I have to go to the theatre. No one likes a bitchy stage manager, and I pulled that yesterday.

So, on a different (and at times happier) note, I want to reiterrate how much I appreciate the postsecret blog. The link is on your left- please make sure your mouse is in the right-side up position and click for the ultimate cathartic experience. Every week this guy posts new cards with anonymous secrets. Anyone can send them in and while he doesn't post them all, the point is not that they're posted, but that someone finally knows. This is the heartbreaker of the week.
Don't freak out, I don't think that way anymore...well, not very often. Everyone has their moments. This second one is my favourite of the week.

Off to the theatre. I adore this show, but tech week's a bitch.


Seeing spots

Try spending your entire weekend sitting in a very dark theatre--going outside is always fun. You forget about that little thing called sunlight. I've found that the best remedy is to not leave the theatre until after dark. That way you avoid sun spots in your vision for the hour after you've journeyed out into the real world.

We got so much accomplished tech wise this weekend. Todd, the LD, flew in to get lights together (and it already looks amazing, just at rough focus!), and we added first drafts of sound (oy, was that a debacle!) and costumes last night. Tonight we get make-up and food props. I have never worked on a show with so many food props before. Its a good thing our prop designer is unemployed at the moment because cooking all the stuff we need is going to be a full time job! Its really looking good though, and everything should come together no problem. Todd wanted me to skip work today to help out--he offered me a whole four cents! I told him that while that was better pay than most theatres could afford and I appreciated him offering to literally pay me out of his own pocket, I didn't think my folks at work would appreciate the skip day. :)

We open friday night! And I'll be 23! Woo hoo! Good times to be had!


Not quickly, but its going...

No one in the office at all today...only reception people. What is the point of that really? Don't our jobs exist to help the people with REAL jobs? Of course, the phone rings off the hook with people waiting to be annoyed that you can't fix their lives. Oy. I'm smiling, just so done with the phone!

Rehearsal is coming along nicely. I will be deeply saddened when this show is over. Every so often you find a show that you can't help but love, and this show is that for me. Its an original script, AND a history play, AND working with a cast that loves each other. There had to be some good karma coming together to get this show to be as great as its been so far!

I still have to rent a trailer for the great trek west... And who knew that the bank has to hold huge deposits (like insurance settlements for instance) for almost a week. Don't they know I've got bills to pay?

Oh, and I officially hate having to use a laundromat. Ick. Feel free to bitch about any of your own moving stories in the comments section below. :)


And now, for your viewing amusement...

If you have few moments to waste, check out this site. Julian Beever is a UK based sidewalk artist who does a variety of drawings, but the coolest are what he calls anamorphic illusions. These renderings are distorted over a long distance (think perspective drawings) in such a way that from the correct angle they appear 3-D. And I'm not talking "Oh I can tell that's supposed to be 3-D." I saw this picture and my jaw dropped. I still can't believe that these are flat chalk drawings!

And I just found this site through Boing Boing. All I can say is, I would be one of the best dressed people in Helsinki!