Hear me roar!

There are so many ways I could apply that title at the moment, not the least of them being the very definite fact that I am a woman, however I will restrain from extemporizing AKA bitching at the present time.

I am in a horrible mood. I don't know why I feel the need to blog this, but I think i'm hoping it will be cathartic before I have to go to the theatre. No one likes a bitchy stage manager, and I pulled that yesterday.

So, on a different (and at times happier) note, I want to reiterrate how much I appreciate the postsecret blog. The link is on your left- please make sure your mouse is in the right-side up position and click for the ultimate cathartic experience. Every week this guy posts new cards with anonymous secrets. Anyone can send them in and while he doesn't post them all, the point is not that they're posted, but that someone finally knows. This is the heartbreaker of the week.
Don't freak out, I don't think that way anymore...well, not very often. Everyone has their moments. This second one is my favourite of the week.

Off to the theatre. I adore this show, but tech week's a bitch.


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