Not quickly, but its going...

No one in the office at all today...only reception people. What is the point of that really? Don't our jobs exist to help the people with REAL jobs? Of course, the phone rings off the hook with people waiting to be annoyed that you can't fix their lives. Oy. I'm smiling, just so done with the phone!

Rehearsal is coming along nicely. I will be deeply saddened when this show is over. Every so often you find a show that you can't help but love, and this show is that for me. Its an original script, AND a history play, AND working with a cast that loves each other. There had to be some good karma coming together to get this show to be as great as its been so far!

I still have to rent a trailer for the great trek west... And who knew that the bank has to hold huge deposits (like insurance settlements for instance) for almost a week. Don't they know I've got bills to pay?

Oh, and I officially hate having to use a laundromat. Ick. Feel free to bitch about any of your own moving stories in the comments section below. :)


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