Seeing spots

Try spending your entire weekend sitting in a very dark theatre--going outside is always fun. You forget about that little thing called sunlight. I've found that the best remedy is to not leave the theatre until after dark. That way you avoid sun spots in your vision for the hour after you've journeyed out into the real world.

We got so much accomplished tech wise this weekend. Todd, the LD, flew in to get lights together (and it already looks amazing, just at rough focus!), and we added first drafts of sound (oy, was that a debacle!) and costumes last night. Tonight we get make-up and food props. I have never worked on a show with so many food props before. Its a good thing our prop designer is unemployed at the moment because cooking all the stuff we need is going to be a full time job! Its really looking good though, and everything should come together no problem. Todd wanted me to skip work today to help out--he offered me a whole four cents! I told him that while that was better pay than most theatres could afford and I appreciated him offering to literally pay me out of his own pocket, I didn't think my folks at work would appreciate the skip day. :)

We open friday night! And I'll be 23! Woo hoo! Good times to be had!


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