Getting to know you...la la la la

No this is not about The King and I, although I love that musical. Anna and the King, the movie with Jodie Foster, is also a favourite. Back from the rabbit trail. So I was just on myspace and saw a getting to know you-survey-thing on a friends bulletin. I hate these because they are always the same questions and they fill your inbox with all your friends replies. NO. But this one was actually a bit unusual, so I decided I'd post it here for the perusal of anyone who cares. No clogging emails from this conscientious chica!

Outfit: Jeans (if you know me...), brown layered shirt, black sweater, beautiful off white scarf that I just finished crocheting
Jewelry: four silver rings, leaf earrings (fall is finally here!), and my wooden disk necklace from express
Underwear: I could make something up but the truth is I just can't deal with it.
Nail colour: pretty shimmery latte on the toes

Do you:
Lick yourself: everyone doesn't do that? ...
Yell: as little as possible
Hate a lot of people: no
Have too many friends: could always use more
Want to die: not at the moment
Do drugs: prescription pain killers count? ;)
Wear dark colors: ALWAYS
Dye your hair: I've been a redhead for almost three years thanks to a little friend I like to call Feria

Have you ever:
Kissed someone: Is this really a question?
Had sex in the back of a volkswagon: nope
Kicked a dog: Lord! No!
Owned a hamster: again, nope. Had a mouse in middle school that I used for a colourblindness experiement.

When was the last time:
Gotten drunk: Saturday night with Binford, Soprano, SilentNinja, and Helga
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: That would be my definition of hell.
Had a party with over 30 people: Party?
Stolen something : I stole a CD from work yesterday to burn a playlist for a friend
Caught something on fire: Matches! Matches, matches, matches!!!
Wanted to cheat on someone: unfortunately yes. divorce does give you the urge.
Asked someone out: not usually
Had a dream, then the next day it happened: nope
you instant messaged and who: um...right now. With Binford.

Info about yourself:
What is your birth name? Katherine Noël Parkinson
Height: 5 7"
Shoe size?: 8.5
Brothers/sisters: Ian
Job?: Theatre and then the office job to pay the bills at MOTA

What is your favorite band: mm...at the moment? Toss up between STP, Jason Mraz, and Nickel Creek. How's that for variety?
Colour?: charcoals and dark, bright blues
Soda?: Diet Coke
Music?: see above
Stores in the mall?: ick...um. Express and Victoria's, I guess.
Ice cream?: rocky road or butter pecan depending on the mood
Roller coaster?: any and all. I LOVE them!
Candy: York Peppermint patties...oh yum.

In the last 48 hours have you:
Cried?: yes, actually. The constant gardener is...well, its something else.
Missed someone?: always. Bek, I love you.
Yelled at someone?: nope
Changed your underwear? Again with the underwear thing. I don't wear it. Ok? There, I said it!
Drove somewhere?: Are you kidding?
Talked to someone on the phone?: As I answer phones for a living at the moment...yes.
Been online?: Again, are you kidding?
Smiled?: Yep
Had sex?: Nope
Kissed someone?: Yep
Hugged someone?: And Yep
Last thing you ate?: half a calzone from Mellow Mushroom and let me just say...Damn!
Talked to an ugly person?: I'm sure some of the people on the phone weren't the most attractive.

Have you ever:
Been in love?: don't be cynical. don't be cynical.
Kissed someone of the same sex: Yep, lots of times.
Been in trouble with the police?: nope. I'm a good girl. No! Really! I am!
Hit someone? playfully of course
Broke something?: only 14 times a day. Just call me clutz!
Played strip poker?: hee hee hee
Shot a gun?: Yep
Broke something important?: oohh....yeeeeah. About that...

Okay last questions:

What is sitting next to you? All alone at the front of the office. Reception sucks.
Do you get along with your mother?: not so much...
Been in a plane?: Yay!!! I love planes!!! I fly to Seattle on Monday!
Killed someone?: There was that one time, at band camp...
Kicked your cat for the heck of it?: WHAT!!! NO!!!
Slept during class?: Only every geology 201 class ever
Cheated on a test?: On a test? No.
Are you tired?: I live tired...

There ya go! If its too much info, don't read it. This is my blog. Jeez. ;) Peace, love, and chickengrease!


Horseshoe+3 AM+Frisbee+Lesbians=Good times

I would write about it, but I wouldn't do it nearly as much justice as Binford (who you have known previously as SBB or Sir Belt Buckle). He has the tools and i'm pretty sure he knows how to use them...check out his blog, the frightened turtle, for the scoop. Hilarious. Lets just say Binford, SilentNinja, ShakespearesGal, Helga, Soprano, and FightCaptain had a great, late time! Almost as good a time as the late night window at Taco Bell!


Postsecrets of the week

Note that this is the central Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. The tabernacle is located directly behind the temple and a bit to the right, just out of the picture. The angel Moroni is the central prominence on the highest steeple. Though it doesn't necessarily mean that this person left the mormon church, my interpretation of this image would make such an assumption likely.

All I can say is, if that is the case, you (whoever you are) have some balls. Having been born in Utah, I can tell you from personal experience that they don't let go easily. Especially of their direct children. Kudos to you my dear.

The first one I like for obvious reasons--related to the Declaration of Revocation (see previous post).

John Cleese is my idol!

SBB sent me this link. Its for Cleese's "Declaration of Revocation"--a very interesting spin on British thoughts on those of American status. Hilarious!

No real notes. Dropped into Kelly's last night to say goodbye to everyone at my Columbia Kareoke home. It was, as usual, tons of fun and I actually got to sing! Let's see...last night it was Unchained Melody and At this Moment (What did you think I would give at this moment? If you stay I'd subtract 20 years from my li-i-ife). Good times. Good times.


Story Two: The Temper of the Irish

This is the other extreme in humanity that I mentioned in the previous post. (NOTE: If you haven't read the post before this one, read it now!!! Continuing from this point may result in paralyzing confusion!!!)

Nate and I headed into Asheville Sunday night to seek out a good dinner and, Nate's favourite, some good microbrews. We found ourselves in Jack of the Wood, a great Irish pub on Patton Ave. And when I say great, I mean it fully. I don't complement bars often but this setting, unlike any in Columbia, felt completely sincere--no contrived atmosphere here. It probably had something to do with the amazingly talented improvised Irish/Celtic music circle that lasted throughout the night and the narrow but well-chosen selection of draughts and microbrews.

Nate and I are enjoying our drink, the music, and the atmosphere when a woman at the end of the high bar we're occupying stands and says to her date, "Here, I'll find out." She promptly approaches us and asks Nate directly, "So tell me--guy with a belly ring. Gay or straight?" Well, fate herself could not have chosen a more perfect candidate for such a question. Nate is an incredibly kind and caring person, and his temper does not often get the best of him, even in the face of such blatent stereotyping--a fact made even more amazing by what you'll read next.

Nate: Well, it depends on the person. But I would say straight.
Woman: (jaw drops and then...) WHY?!?
Nate: Because. I have one.

And with this simple response, Nate lifts his shirt to reveal that he does indeed have a belly button stud. Needless to say, the woman is absolutely mortified. She apologizes for ten minutes, interspersed with drunk whispered insistances to her date that they leave immediately...props to her date for making her sit there while he finished his beer. Nate and I openly laughed at least five minutes after they finally left, but then Nate surprised me with a very serious comment about how angry such comments made him. Understandable. We work in theatre--stereotypes are not exactly our favourite view of people, as our own stereotype is not exactly positive most of the time. It ended up being a rather sobering moment of realisation. Be careful making judgements--they'll probably bite you pretty hard in the ass.

Nate and I, not allowing our evening to be ruined, enjoyed our dinner and drinks and finally, loathe to leave, made our way to our campfire. It was a great night all in all, and hopefully a woman somewhere in Asheville has learned that appearances do not the man make.

Thanks for the memories...

I love camping. And this weekend was about as perfect a weekend as anyone could find to spend in the mountains of NC. The weather was unbelievable (I have never seen the sky so blue, not even out west), the leaves were just beginning to change, and the company was grand!

Nate and I headed up to NC this weekend so I could wish my beloved appalachia goodbye. I move in less than three weeks (God...three weeks) to the great Pacific Northwest and had to give credit and pay homage one last time to the place that has saved my sanity on so many occasions while I've lived down south. We did a lot while we were maxxing 'n relaxing, but the greatest stories are two that demonstrate extremes in humanity. Prepare to play my and Nate's favourite game: Crush the Stereotype! (wild applause and cheering inserted here)

Story One: Firewood Makes the Best Friends

Nate and I drove five hours on Saturday from N. Myrtle Beach (we hung out with PK at the condo Friday night-gorgeous and a great time) to Canton NC. Sunburst campground, our home for the weekend, is about 10 miles outside of Canton heading into Pisgah National Forest, off 276 between Waynesville and the parkway for those who know the area. I had called the campground to let them know we were running a bit late bc we hadn't been able to find anyone selling firewood. Finally, I pulled into a tiny convenience store off 215 to ask if they knew of any kind-hearted sellers of wood. My friend behind the counter called in a favour and Nate and I headed off down the road to seek our firewood fortune.

Well, after only a few minutes but several turns on roads with names like Possum Ridge Drive and Pollywood Farms Road (names have not been changed) we found ourselves dealing with three men of the mountains. It was impossible for me to understand what was being said at first, but as I acclimated to the accent, I realised that we had stumbled on gold. What, on the outside, was a rather shady situation turned out to be one of the best memories of the trip. Bruce, a very large man who throws wood for a living, not only gave us an enormous amount of firewood, but wasn't satisfied with the wood he had on hand and insisted that he go get some better stock to give to us. While he drove away to do that, Nate and I chatted with Nick, an incredibly friendly and unusually hospitable man who, after promptly offering us beers, proceeded to have a great conversation with Nate about bow-hunting and then we all discussed the local scene. After Bruce returned, I tried to give him $10, insisting that this was not enough and would return with more, however he not only refused the offer, but pushed $5 change back into my hands, insisting that we return if we needed anything at all.

The beatiful point of this story is that these men, if stereotyped as they easily could have been, did not look like the kind, hospitable people that they were. However, they were among the kindest people I have ever met, anywhere and anytime. That coincidental meeting has already established itself as one of my fondest memories of my times in that beloved area.


Tux goes Norse!

Just call him Thor!

Just for Shlee

Here it is, my darling. The montage in all its glory!

The pic on the left is my favourite by far. My Lord, that man is fine!

A Few Days Away

Yay! What a weekend this is turning into! Nate, Patrick, Daria perhaps, some other USC folk (who knows) and I are heading to the beach tonight to stay somewhere that Nate swears is "worth it" though he won't tell me what it is or where we're going! Oh well, anything for an adventure!

Then on to camping tomorrow for a few days. Primitive campsites (no showers! hmm...ick!) but there are at least restrooms. I'm sure the sink is good for washing! Looking forward to tons of hiking and exploring a new area. I haven't been up to the Canton area much, but the guy at the campground swears there are tons of trailheads heading into the blue ridge right around the campsite. Very exciting! I do believe an all-day hike is in order! I need to borrow a camera and take pics...sigh. I guess I could buy film and a battery for mine but its so expensive! Anyhow, enough complaining. I'm really looking forward to a few days away!

On the movie front, I created a database in access yesterday to aid with sceduling. I started working with it by myself before I saw Alex and it made things a ton easier. Score one point for technology. Its great--I created fields for scenes (as primary key), location, interior/exterior, night/day, and then individual character fields to break it down as much as possible. Seems to work pretty well! Hopefully it won't take quite so long to get the scheduling out of the way now!

Out last night with some of the La Mancha crew...well, Kyle and me ended up hanging out and grabbing some food, then he, Lou, Alex, and I met up with Ellen and the rest of the nia crew at Rust after their rehearsal. Chocolate martinis are so amazing! yum...


Johnny Depp's impersonation of BA Smith, famous filmmaker

I want to be in movies!

I am in theatre. I hear people all the time bragging about how "when they make a million dollars in movies" they'll do this and that and some other thing. Oy. No.

However, I am currently working with the real side of film. Mr. Smith and I are working through production issues for his latest project "Inside," written, directed, and produced by him. Let us dispel some myths. It is not glamourous. It is tedious. Scheduling sucks, especially when you're having to fit it around ten different peoples' schedules and securing masses of extras and props and costumes and locations... Things are moving along, but I have been rather unmotivated the last few days. I feel bad, but I'm realising how soon it is until I move. Oh well...we got some work done last night and I think we're supposed to be having a tea with jesus meeting tonight and get lots of this scheduling out of the way. Joy.

Poor Nat-on, he won't know what to do with all this when I pass the torch!


Potato Heads

My dear friend Sir Belt Buckle was bored with his endless computer programming today and made me some pics. I thought I'd share. Their beauty is beyond compare.

I promise I didn't mean to rhyme that. Yikes. Linux really is a curious OS. Where else are you going to find "dress the potato heads" as a system game?


Hello? *tap tap* Anyone? Anyone.

Wow. Its been a really long time since I've been here.

Opened and close Man of La Mancha with SCSC.

Finalised my move to Seattle. I leave Nov. 11th.

I fly to Seattle October 31-Nov 4 to shore up moving details and meet with theatres.

My divorce papers are in. Waiting on a court date.

Started buying warm clothes yesterday. Realised how horribly indigent my wardrobe is for the pacific Northwest. I could use an extra paycheck.

Nate is unbelievably sweet.

The filmmaker has me working until the second I leave as production manager.

I've had less sleep in the last two months that is humanly conceivable. I'll never make up the deficit.

I go to Asheville this weekend for the last time unless vacationing down the road counts. I could cry...probably will.

Drama. Drama. More drama.

I miss all everyone already. Desperately.