A Few Days Away

Yay! What a weekend this is turning into! Nate, Patrick, Daria perhaps, some other USC folk (who knows) and I are heading to the beach tonight to stay somewhere that Nate swears is "worth it" though he won't tell me what it is or where we're going! Oh well, anything for an adventure!

Then on to camping tomorrow for a few days. Primitive campsites (no showers! hmm...ick!) but there are at least restrooms. I'm sure the sink is good for washing! Looking forward to tons of hiking and exploring a new area. I haven't been up to the Canton area much, but the guy at the campground swears there are tons of trailheads heading into the blue ridge right around the campsite. Very exciting! I do believe an all-day hike is in order! I need to borrow a camera and take pics...sigh. I guess I could buy film and a battery for mine but its so expensive! Anyhow, enough complaining. I'm really looking forward to a few days away!

On the movie front, I created a database in access yesterday to aid with sceduling. I started working with it by myself before I saw Alex and it made things a ton easier. Score one point for technology. Its great--I created fields for scenes (as primary key), location, interior/exterior, night/day, and then individual character fields to break it down as much as possible. Seems to work pretty well! Hopefully it won't take quite so long to get the scheduling out of the way now!

Out last night with some of the La Mancha crew...well, Kyle and me ended up hanging out and grabbing some food, then he, Lou, Alex, and I met up with Ellen and the rest of the nia crew at Rust after their rehearsal. Chocolate martinis are so amazing! yum...


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