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No this is not about The King and I, although I love that musical. Anna and the King, the movie with Jodie Foster, is also a favourite. Back from the rabbit trail. So I was just on myspace and saw a getting to know you-survey-thing on a friends bulletin. I hate these because they are always the same questions and they fill your inbox with all your friends replies. NO. But this one was actually a bit unusual, so I decided I'd post it here for the perusal of anyone who cares. No clogging emails from this conscientious chica!

Outfit: Jeans (if you know me...), brown layered shirt, black sweater, beautiful off white scarf that I just finished crocheting
Jewelry: four silver rings, leaf earrings (fall is finally here!), and my wooden disk necklace from express
Underwear: I could make something up but the truth is I just can't deal with it.
Nail colour: pretty shimmery latte on the toes

Do you:
Lick yourself: everyone doesn't do that? ...
Yell: as little as possible
Hate a lot of people: no
Have too many friends: could always use more
Want to die: not at the moment
Do drugs: prescription pain killers count? ;)
Wear dark colors: ALWAYS
Dye your hair: I've been a redhead for almost three years thanks to a little friend I like to call Feria

Have you ever:
Kissed someone: Is this really a question?
Had sex in the back of a volkswagon: nope
Kicked a dog: Lord! No!
Owned a hamster: again, nope. Had a mouse in middle school that I used for a colourblindness experiement.

When was the last time:
Gotten drunk: Saturday night with Binford, Soprano, SilentNinja, and Helga
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: That would be my definition of hell.
Had a party with over 30 people: Party?
Stolen something : I stole a CD from work yesterday to burn a playlist for a friend
Caught something on fire: Matches! Matches, matches, matches!!!
Wanted to cheat on someone: unfortunately yes. divorce does give you the urge.
Asked someone out: not usually
Had a dream, then the next day it happened: nope
you instant messaged and who: um...right now. With Binford.

Info about yourself:
What is your birth name? Katherine Noël Parkinson
Height: 5 7"
Shoe size?: 8.5
Brothers/sisters: Ian
Job?: Theatre and then the office job to pay the bills at MOTA

What is your favorite band: mm...at the moment? Toss up between STP, Jason Mraz, and Nickel Creek. How's that for variety?
Colour?: charcoals and dark, bright blues
Soda?: Diet Coke
Music?: see above
Stores in the mall?: ick...um. Express and Victoria's, I guess.
Ice cream?: rocky road or butter pecan depending on the mood
Roller coaster?: any and all. I LOVE them!
Candy: York Peppermint patties...oh yum.

In the last 48 hours have you:
Cried?: yes, actually. The constant gardener is...well, its something else.
Missed someone?: always. Bek, I love you.
Yelled at someone?: nope
Changed your underwear? Again with the underwear thing. I don't wear it. Ok? There, I said it!
Drove somewhere?: Are you kidding?
Talked to someone on the phone?: As I answer phones for a living at the moment...yes.
Been online?: Again, are you kidding?
Smiled?: Yep
Had sex?: Nope
Kissed someone?: Yep
Hugged someone?: And Yep
Last thing you ate?: half a calzone from Mellow Mushroom and let me just say...Damn!
Talked to an ugly person?: I'm sure some of the people on the phone weren't the most attractive.

Have you ever:
Been in love?: don't be cynical. don't be cynical.
Kissed someone of the same sex: Yep, lots of times.
Been in trouble with the police?: nope. I'm a good girl. No! Really! I am!
Hit someone? playfully of course
Broke something?: only 14 times a day. Just call me clutz!
Played strip poker?: hee hee hee
Shot a gun?: Yep
Broke something important?: oohh....yeeeeah. About that...

Okay last questions:

What is sitting next to you? All alone at the front of the office. Reception sucks.
Do you get along with your mother?: not so much...
Been in a plane?: Yay!!! I love planes!!! I fly to Seattle on Monday!
Killed someone?: There was that one time, at band camp...
Kicked your cat for the heck of it?: WHAT!!! NO!!!
Slept during class?: Only every geology 201 class ever
Cheated on a test?: On a test? No.
Are you tired?: I live tired...

There ya go! If its too much info, don't read it. This is my blog. Jeez. ;) Peace, love, and chickengrease!


Blogger Sir Belt Buckle said...

Weeeee! I'm listed lots of times! :) Go Binford!

11/17/2005 8:10 PM  

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