Horseshoe+3 AM+Frisbee+Lesbians=Good times

I would write about it, but I wouldn't do it nearly as much justice as Binford (who you have known previously as SBB or Sir Belt Buckle). He has the tools and i'm pretty sure he knows how to use them...check out his blog, the frightened turtle, for the scoop. Hilarious. Lets just say Binford, SilentNinja, ShakespearesGal, Helga, Soprano, and FightCaptain had a great, late time! Almost as good a time as the late night window at Taco Bell!


Anonymous Binford said...

oh! it had to be better than that! If for no other reason than I was there this time! :D

That so rocked...

-- Binford
It's not only having the tools, but knowing how to use them.

10/24/2005 2:28 PM  

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