I want to be in movies!

I am in theatre. I hear people all the time bragging about how "when they make a million dollars in movies" they'll do this and that and some other thing. Oy. No.

However, I am currently working with the real side of film. Mr. Smith and I are working through production issues for his latest project "Inside," written, directed, and produced by him. Let us dispel some myths. It is not glamourous. It is tedious. Scheduling sucks, especially when you're having to fit it around ten different peoples' schedules and securing masses of extras and props and costumes and locations... Things are moving along, but I have been rather unmotivated the last few days. I feel bad, but I'm realising how soon it is until I move. Oh well...we got some work done last night and I think we're supposed to be having a tea with jesus meeting tonight and get lots of this scheduling out of the way. Joy.

Poor Nat-on, he won't know what to do with all this when I pass the torch!


Blogger B.A. Smith said...

Noel makes it all sound a lot easier than it really is. No. Noel makes it all a lot easier than it should be. I knew when I was watching her work on HOLY GHOST (a play in which I acted and which she stage managed) that she was the person for the job of taking the ridiculous amount of minutae that surrounds the pre-production of a film and make it cohesive and easy to assimilate. When my production company is actually able to hire a full time Procution Manager, I hope I can successfully lure Noel from her cozy perch in the Pacific Northwest.

10/13/2005 12:36 PM  
Blogger Steve Bell said...

I hear you. I'm just plugging the last parts of the deal together for Secret Revelation. It's been a long road and I think the hardest slog is ahead. Pre-production is just on the horizon and then a few weeks of glory with some big names, then post production-- yawn. Maybe I'll just stick to the writing secretrevelation.com

10/13/2005 6:37 PM  

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