Moved in!

Quick note: I'm moved in! We got most of my stuff over here to the house today and I started setting things up in my newly painted room!

And, again, amazing housemates. I'm so lucky!


New Room!

I finished painting my new room today!

I got really lucky. The housemates were already looking at repainting a bunch of stuff in the house, so my paint went on the bill with the stuff for the rest of the house. I still have one more coat to put on the accent wall, but then it will be finished! I start on the bathroom tomorrow!

Hopefully I'll be able to start moving my stuff over there sometime this week. I start my new job on Tuesday, which means that most of it will have to be monday or next weekend. I'm really busy already with the show. I hope I remember how to work two real jobs at the same time. MOTA was so easy on me!

On a more somber note, I finally saw Rent tonight. I cried through 3/4 of the movie and for about an hour and a half afterwards. It made me think about everyone back home and how many of my friends I might lose. For just a second I felt like Roger, running away to Sante Fe thinking he'll find what he's missing. Made me stop and think. I hope this was the right choice. If not, then hopefully I'll get back home too.

525,600 minutes...
525,000 moments so dear...
525,600 minutes...
How do you measure, measure a year...
In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee...
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife...
In 525,600 minutes...
How do you measure a year in the life...

How about love...measure in love...Seasons of love...

More journeys to plan. Love ya'll.



I have managed to find a place to live, a supplemental income, and theatre contracts within a week of being here!

I met with Circus today and absolutely fell in love with him and his place. He is a beautiful bisexual with one lesbian roommate and the one straight. I'm meeting Melissa and Kristin tonight after rehearsal.

On a side note, I think I finally completely finished negotiations for the divorce today! Only thing left is the court date!

Good day except for a misunderstanding early this morning. Hope your day went better, you!


Front Page Headlines-Seattle Times: Rental Prices Skyrocketing!

Yay. However, I might have lucked out. Yesterday, I met with the super for a couple of different houses in the UW district of Seattle. Neither of the rooms were really what I was hoping for, and one was definitely reaching a bit out of my price range, but the third one he showed off to me would have been acceptable. Really short ceilings though (about 6'6)...I'm not usually claustrophobic, but I would have had my windows open a lot in there. Which is difficult in the middle of winter...in Seattle. :)

Anyhow, we were goofing off, chatting personal a bit while looking at the last room (never hurts to be in good with the super--gets stuff fixed much quicker!). Evidently I passed some test, bc he lowers his voice and says "Look, I interview people everyday for this kind of thing. You're really cool. I think I could live with you. One of my personal housemates is moving out. Her room is medium sized, basement (mmm...not my fav, but wait for it) and cheaper than any of these that I've showed you. " What am I stupid ( no comments from the peanut gallery)?

I'm meeting Circus today to look at his place. MUCH nicer digs than any of the others he showed me. For example, 4 people total in the house vs the 10-15 that were in the other houses. The location is perfect for the places I'm likely to be working as the university district is pretty central!

Cross your fingers...and toes...are crossed eyes lucky?


Safe and Sound

Just a quick post to say that I'm here, all safe and sound. I've been rushing around, unpacking and meeting people for my rehearsal process (which starts on Sunday! Ack!) and spending as much time with my family as I can before my Dad flies back to the big SC tomorrow. Light a candle for me you guys. Its gonna be a wild ride!


CA was great. The Mojave desert has this rugged beauty that is indescribable. And the drive up the coast is amazing. The cascades are truly awe-inspiring and the black beaches of N. Cali are just beautiful. They don't feel humanized like southern beaches. You can pull off and not see beach umbrellas and souvineer shops. Its great.

Wine country was really fun. Don't bother with Napa--after the movie, they all started charging for tastings bc of the jump in popularity. Go to the Sonoma valley or, my suggestion, the Alexander Valley. We found some amazing wines, but my favourite was still the winery in Albuequerque.

Oregon is beautiful and, of course, I love WA. Dad and I wanted to get some salmon jerky, but the only places we found weren't open yet...it was only 8:30 in the morning. Got to Seattle and am now, as I said, settling in.

Love to all. Hopefully, I'll get a flickr set up soon!



Day Three: TX, NM, and AZ

LOTS of driving. There's really not a ton to report today. Let's see...

-Left Amarillo at 7 am. Uneventful until I discovered around 10 am that I had left my purse/planner thingy on the edge of the bed of the truck...which of course fell off of the side of the bed and was left sitting in the parking lot. Do not fear. There are honest people left in the world. It was turned in and after receiving a text message from Mike in Amarillo, I will have my planner fedexed to my up-and-coming address in Seattle. Oy. But, amazingly, all is well.
-Driving....NM is the most boring state on the planet. The only point of interest is that one section of the continental divide is foudn there just before you pass into AZ. ~7500 ft above sea level. Let's just say that it makes Chicago look like a calm, still place
-AZ is much prettier. It is definitely the western US, so those of you who love the tropical humidity of the carolinas, this is probably not for you. But for me, this is home. A bit scrubby at times, and lots of brown, but it has such a rugged beauty...it really is an amazing region.
-Stopped in at the petrified forest in the northeast corner of AZ. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to look around, but we glanced through and got some fun pics. Too come, I promise. Again, the west has such a strange beauty. If you haven't seen petrified wood, it is an amazing thing to behold. Its hard to wrap your head around the concept. But its definitely beautiful.
-Stopped for the night in Flagstaff AZ. We could have pressed on, but there really isn't much between Flagstaff and CA. So, we decided to take our time today. Its nice.
-The best part of the day was actually dinner. Flagstaff is a college town (NUA is here as well as the Lowell Observatory) so there were fun independent places to rest for a bit. We ended up in the Beaver Street Brewery, a nice independent brewery with some of the best microbrews I have ever tasted. Nate, just for you, I got an IPA that was lovely. They also had a berry brew that was hoppy with a light raspberry hint that was really amazing. A side salad the size of a small child and wood-fired pizza (well, one slice of it anyway) that was out of this world later, I am back in my hotel feeling fat and happy.

So, all is well after an alternately interesting and horrid day. Worst news, Gas in NM and AZ is unbelievably expensive. We just filled up for $2.56 vx your $1.96. Merry Christmas to me. Love to all!


Armadillo...I mean Amarillo!

Greetings from the heart of the Texas panhandle! I am in Amarillo TX for the night, bedding down after having driven since about 6:30 this morning. My lovely father wakes very early. As I have already mistakenly called it armadillo twice, I have decided that blogging the trip might be a better use of my time...and less annoying to the natives! The highlights, as I am not that good at storytelling!

-Atlanta traffic isn't that horrible at 10:30 in the morning.
-Alabama is not fun. Scrubby does not equal love.
-Tupelo was uneventful.
-Corky's BBQ in Memphis beats SC BBQ into the ground! A good thing too as we spent an hour and half looking for the damn place!
-Brinkley AK is home to the newly non-extinct Ivory billed woodpecker. If that means something to you, enjoy. We slept there. Woohoo.
-Its migration time for all flying things in the middle of america. No really. I felt like I was in an Alfred Hitchcock film. Thanks Binford. ;)
-Atlus AK is the AK wine capitol. I know. You're raising your eyebrows at the wine capitol in the middle of the country, but the Wiederkehr Vineyard actually has some really good stuff. I should know, as my father and I, lushes that we are, visited as we were passing through at 9:45 this morning. And oh yes, we did a tasting.
-Bypassed Little Rock (thought of the chesterfly as we did).
-OK is pretty flat. Lots of oil rigs, wheat fields, and windmills. Yes, windmills. We passed through a forest of them right in the middle of OK. It is very unnerving to be surrounded by ~ 60 three-tined white behemoths that look like the parents of edward scissorhands.
-Still in OK- The "you'll never get out of here" state
-FINALLY, we hit TX. I swear I saw cowboys herding longhorns across the terrain. Ok, not really, but the ghosts are there. Its eerie.
-TX is home to the "largest cross in the western hemisphere." ... ... ... Of course it is. Pictures coming.
-Resting place for night two- Armad....Amarillo. I had a burrito for dinner that was out of this world and am now sitting in the lobby of my hotel watching honest to god cowboys walk through every few minutes. I'm the one that's out of place...you know, I'm missing the handlebar mustache. Just shaved it yesterday too...too bad.

Pictures to come. Love to all my friends. Miss you desperately!