Day Three: TX, NM, and AZ

LOTS of driving. There's really not a ton to report today. Let's see...

-Left Amarillo at 7 am. Uneventful until I discovered around 10 am that I had left my purse/planner thingy on the edge of the bed of the truck...which of course fell off of the side of the bed and was left sitting in the parking lot. Do not fear. There are honest people left in the world. It was turned in and after receiving a text message from Mike in Amarillo, I will have my planner fedexed to my up-and-coming address in Seattle. Oy. But, amazingly, all is well.
-Driving....NM is the most boring state on the planet. The only point of interest is that one section of the continental divide is foudn there just before you pass into AZ. ~7500 ft above sea level. Let's just say that it makes Chicago look like a calm, still place
-AZ is much prettier. It is definitely the western US, so those of you who love the tropical humidity of the carolinas, this is probably not for you. But for me, this is home. A bit scrubby at times, and lots of brown, but it has such a rugged beauty...it really is an amazing region.
-Stopped in at the petrified forest in the northeast corner of AZ. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to look around, but we glanced through and got some fun pics. Too come, I promise. Again, the west has such a strange beauty. If you haven't seen petrified wood, it is an amazing thing to behold. Its hard to wrap your head around the concept. But its definitely beautiful.
-Stopped for the night in Flagstaff AZ. We could have pressed on, but there really isn't much between Flagstaff and CA. So, we decided to take our time today. Its nice.
-The best part of the day was actually dinner. Flagstaff is a college town (NUA is here as well as the Lowell Observatory) so there were fun independent places to rest for a bit. We ended up in the Beaver Street Brewery, a nice independent brewery with some of the best microbrews I have ever tasted. Nate, just for you, I got an IPA that was lovely. They also had a berry brew that was hoppy with a light raspberry hint that was really amazing. A side salad the size of a small child and wood-fired pizza (well, one slice of it anyway) that was out of this world later, I am back in my hotel feeling fat and happy.

So, all is well after an alternately interesting and horrid day. Worst news, Gas in NM and AZ is unbelievably expensive. We just filled up for $2.56 vx your $1.96. Merry Christmas to me. Love to all!


Blogger Sir Belt Buckle said...

Just wait 'till you get up to WA. Gas in the West is hideously expensive. Our most expensive isn't even close to their cheap stuff. Sorry to say, but hope you budgeted in gas to your work proposals... :(

11/16/2005 4:01 PM  
Blogger Kiss-Me Kate said...

Don't worry. I'm going to be taking full advantage of a good public transport situation here in Seattle!

11/17/2005 12:13 AM  

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