Safe and Sound

Just a quick post to say that I'm here, all safe and sound. I've been rushing around, unpacking and meeting people for my rehearsal process (which starts on Sunday! Ack!) and spending as much time with my family as I can before my Dad flies back to the big SC tomorrow. Light a candle for me you guys. Its gonna be a wild ride!


CA was great. The Mojave desert has this rugged beauty that is indescribable. And the drive up the coast is amazing. The cascades are truly awe-inspiring and the black beaches of N. Cali are just beautiful. They don't feel humanized like southern beaches. You can pull off and not see beach umbrellas and souvineer shops. Its great.

Wine country was really fun. Don't bother with Napa--after the movie, they all started charging for tastings bc of the jump in popularity. Go to the Sonoma valley or, my suggestion, the Alexander Valley. We found some amazing wines, but my favourite was still the winery in Albuequerque.

Oregon is beautiful and, of course, I love WA. Dad and I wanted to get some salmon jerky, but the only places we found weren't open yet...it was only 8:30 in the morning. Got to Seattle and am now, as I said, settling in.

Love to all. Hopefully, I'll get a flickr set up soon!



Blogger Sir Belt Buckle said...

Glad ya made it. If you get the chance to head towards Yakima or the Tri-Cities, there are some great wineries out there. I suggest the Hogue Winery. Good stuff.

11/20/2005 6:55 PM  
Blogger Shlee said...

I'm glad you're safe and that you got your planner back. Love ya.

11/21/2005 8:06 AM  

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