Opening Weekend

Wow. I've thought I was busy before, but this takes the cake. I've left SC exactly a month ago today. I can't believe it. It seems like forever ago. I miss everyone so much. But amazingly enough, I'm establishing myself fairly well. I've not only got a "day job" that I enjoy, but there is the distinct possibility of a full-time supervisory position within the next month! I'm working at A La Francaise Bakery in the University District of Seattle. So much fun!

I also opened my first show in Seattle on Friday night! Seattle Public theatre brought me in to SM their production of David Mamet's Boston Marriage in January. However, their SM for their holiday prodution of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever quit on them just after rehearsals began, so I agreed to step into that show immediatly upon getting here. BXPE is the show that opened, and not only has it been sold or nearly so for every performance so far, its projecting to sell nearly every performance! We're doing two performances a day every day up to Christmas Eve, with one on the Eve itself...oy. Quite a schedule.

Then I begin Boston Marriage rehearsals tomorrow night. And did I mention that on my day off from the bakery this week I am attending auditions for another company that I will probably be SMing for this summer. SO much going on. I'm having trouble keeping track.

Cool people here...not meeting people as quickly as I might like, but the people I'm finding are quality. Its been pretty amazing. But there's no one like my 3 am frisbee group, I'll tell you that!


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